EC3 Adult Basketball League

Rules and Regulations

  1. Two 15 minute halves will be played and a 3 minute halftime shall take place. Clock will stop in the final minute of play in both halves.
  2. There will be a 3 minute overtime as needed.
  3. Teams will play by KHSAA High School rules.
  4. Teams may have a maximum of five players. (4+1 Substitute) One alternate player is allowed, but must be listed during signup, and is only allowed during regular season. Alternate players are required to pay $10 each time they play.
  5. A team captain must be named for the team, and that player will remain captain for the season.
  6. Team captain is in charge of dressing the team in matching uniforms, team behavior, substitutions, having meetings with the administrators should they be needed, and are the only ones allowed to speak to the referees during the game.
  7. Substitutions will take place in dead ball situations.
  8. Ball is to be checked at the top of the key after a basket is scored.
  9. Ball is to be cleared behind three point line after missed shots, steals, or blocks when the defending team recovers possession.
  10. One full 1 minute timeout and one 30 second timeout are granted for each team per half.
  11. In the place of a technical foul, there will be 2 free throws and possession of the ball granted to the opposing team.
  12. After 5 fouls, a player has fouled out of the game and the substitute player will automatically enter the game. In the case of 2 players fouling out or being disqualified from the game, the team will be forced to play with the 2 remaining players.
  13. If a player receives 2 technical fouls, they are ejected from the building.
  14. Out of Bounds are the sidelines, baseline, and half-court line.
  15. Any time a foreign object enters the floor, play is to stop and the ball is to be checked at the top of the key.
  16. There will be no arguing with the referees on any call they make.
  17. If a player receives 2 technical fouls at any point during the season, they are suspended for the following game. If they receive 3 technical fouls during the season, they are disqualified for the remainder of the season and playoffs.
  18. Jerseys are the teams responsibility to order and have available by the time league play starts. A visible team name and easily visible number are the only requirements.